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MOMED X-Tra Strength Lidocaine Salve. Maximum Relief
MoMed X-TRA Strength | Cooling Relief

Don't Settle for Discomfort. Discover Serious Relief.

For a refreshing burst of topical relief, our X-Tra Strength Cooling topicals provide soothing, long lasting support, so that you have a moment to restore and renew.  Break free from discomfort with our cooling relief products.

Our Best Selling Products

MoMed Neuro | Warming Relief

Fight Fire with Fire. Forget Discomfort.

Give your discomfort a taste of its own medicine with our patent-pending, warming Neuro line. Feel the natural firepower of capsaicin  combined with our physician-formulated ingredients to experience relief that works.


Hear From the MoMed Community

Paige. P 😊

I LOVE MOMED, I have arthritis in my neck and lower back and I am in retail and on my feet all day. MOMED is such a huge help. I use it every day. So much better than taking Advil. I LOVE IT.

Katie. A 😊

MoMed is amazing!! It really helps post-workout. I use it on my knees and my pain is greatly reduced. I highly recommend it!!

Joe R. 😊

This product has helped me tremendously during my knee surgery recovery. I have recommended it to my friends who have had excellent results and are now MoMed customers!


Quality You Can Trust. Verify It.

Every product is labeled with CannVerify technology. Just scan the QR code on the jar to verify the authenticity of the product in your hands and view the source, the product name, potency, product description, product photos, and lab results.

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MOMED and CannVerify
MOMED roll-on duo

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MOMED Inc. relief

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We offer topicals, and edibles, but oh my, it can be hard to choose a product sometimes.

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Do you need a little relief from the morning scaries, or a way to relax after a hard week? Our edibles are an easy and mouth-watering way to treat yourself to a little relief. Designed to be a yummy treat of relief, they are a great treat to share with your friends.


Because life is too short to worry all the time.



MOMED Tangerine
MoMed Hemp Bundles

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Sometimes it's too hard to choose, whether you are treating yourself, or treating your family. Our products bundles are mindfully paired to give you the best of all the MOMED worlds.

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