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Our Origin Story

When I hurt my back, I searched far and wide for a product that would provide Relief. I found natural products effective but still were not sufficient without more traditional products. I also could not be sure of exactly what I was buying or if it would even work.

Inspired by my own struggles to Find Relief, I teamed up with a few partners, including a 40+ year practicing pain-management physician (my father, who I have had the privilege of having as an advisor and advocate for me in a highly complex health care system as well throughout my own struggles with pain). We worked together, mashing up our individual experiences, and developed our first product blending some of the best natural and scientifically robust, high-quality ingredients.

We prided ourselves on quality and transparency from the start, so we are thrilled to be bringing MOMED to you. Our products come with CannVerify technology so you can see the ingredients of the product you’re holding in your hand and verify what is essential to you.

We believe that everyone deserves high-quality Relief. Thank you for supporting our small business and our mission to bring Relief to all People.

Ursula Bonner
Founder & CEO
Wayne, PA

X-Tra Hemp Extract Salve with Lidocaine

Our Mission

The Future of Relief is for Everyone

Health Care Advocacy FInd a Provider MoMed Inc.

We Support

advocates, caretakers, medical professionals, and any individual that is dedicated to helping others.

momed access

We Believe Everyone

should be able to make their own choices when it comes to their bodies and have access to resources, education, advisors, and information that empowers them to make their own decisions.


We Believe In

Equal access to relief, medical care, respect, kindness, and equality.

Our Team


Ursula Bonner (she/her) is the CEO and founder of MOMED Inc. Her desire to create MOMED stemmed from her belief that pain relief should be for all people.

She combines her previous work with high-touch client services (Expert at Apple) and her medical marketing knowledge (Director of Marketing at IHCC) to provide a customer-focused, education-based experience.

During her free time, she loves to take her poodle on walks, teach her conure new words, and spend time with her wife.

Ursula Bonner

Founder & CEO

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