Neuro Warming Lotion

Whether it's getting through your day or finding a way to release it, our physician-formulated, neuro warming lotion is here to bring you relief.

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It's what's on the inside that counts

You shouldn't have to worry about quality. Feel confident in our medical-grade, effective ingredients which are always third-party tested.

4% Lidocaine

A topical analgesic, lidocaine works instantly to target and soothe discomfort in the body.


A powerful compound found in the seeds of chili peppers, capsaicin provides the body with warming and tingly relief.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Provides the body with all of the restorative qualities of the hemp plant but with none of the intoxicating side-effects. THC level of 0.3% or less

Lavender Oil

Taken from the fragrant flowers of the lavender plant, lavender oil is a widely used natural remedy for relaxation and calming

Relief with MoMed

MoMed is amazing!! It really helps post-workout. I use it on my knees and my pain is greatly reduced. I highly recommend it!!

- Katie A.

I LOVE MOMED, I have arthritis in my neck and lower back and I am in retail and on my feet all day. MOMED is such a huge help. I use it every day. So much better than taking Advil. I LOVE IT.

- Paige P.

Love MoMed ! It has really helped with my migraines and my son uses it for his pitching arm to relieve soreness! It works!

- Joanne H.

My favorite topical for pain relief! I have herniated discs as well as tendonitis and this has gotten me through so many painful times. I tell everyone about this, and it’s the best stuff on the market! Instant pain relief in up to five minutes, some of my worst days, this has actually saved me!

I swear by this stuff!

- Sara L.

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