Why Is Third-Party Lab Testing Important In CBD Products?

When you buy things from the market, you assume that all the products meet the safety requirements. It is especially true when you purchase health supplements, cosmetics, and food. Testing efficacy and safety is mandatory before the products make it to markets for the public.
There are many regulations from the government requiring manufacturers to test these products for quality assurance. The regulations ensure that the manufacturers properly label the products with ingredients for buyers to make informed buying decisions.
Consumers purchasing CBD products for various wellness and health purposes expect manufacturers to provide detailed information about the products. In this regard, lab testing is one of the crucial components of the regulatory environment of cannabinoids and cannabis.

Lidocaine? Tell me more.

Clinical Significance of Lidocaine in Treating Pain  Despite the fact that medical science has discovered a lot about the nature of chronic pain, its management remains a challenge for both patients and clinicians.  Lidocaine, in this regard, has long been used for its efficacy to treat chronic pain. It is a medium anesthesia that is …

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MoMed, now available at Charlie’s Pharmacy.

MoMed Hemp Oil Salve is now available at Charlie’s Pharmacy in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Charlie’s Pharmacy are the area’s leading pharmacy serving many customers on a daily basis across all service platforms. At Charlie’s, with their dedicated staff, they have the potential to bundle a suite of services to deliver the best support to their customers. Charlie’s Pharmacy2235 …

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MoMed, now available at Hendersonville Wellness and Spa.

MoMed Hemp Oil Salve is now available at Hendersonville Wellness and Spa. Hendersonville Wellness and Spa offers a wide variety of services covering aesthetic and medical needs. Assisting you in looking and feeling your best with their skilled and professional services. Hendersonville Wellness and Spa216 Shivel Drive, Hendersonville, TN 37075(615) 670-6021 Visit our product locator page to …

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What is the Endocannabinoid System?

According to National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), cannabis has a critical role to play when it comes to producing emotional and cognitive effects. When a patient is treated with cannabinoid drugs, it drives his/her endogenous system in the brain. This system acts as a modulator in various emotional and cognitive processes.

Meet Dr. Waghmarae!

Dr. Waghmarae is President of the Advanced Pain & Wellness Institute located in Buffalo, NY. In addition, he is an attending Physician at the Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital in Pain Management.  Dr. Waghmarae is Assistant Clinical Professor in Anesthesia and Pain Management at McMaster University and is a board certified with the American Board of Anesthesiology. Check out …

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