Pain Relief

Can Physical Therapy Help With Knee Pain?

Knee injuries are pretty common and one of the most painful types of injuries. You might have an issue with your knee the moment you realize you cannot move your legs properly or are facing difficulty in carrying out a particular task that involves a lot of moving around. The good thing is that there are ways to curb the pain and stiffness in your knee with the help of physical therapy.

Does Acupuncture Work? What is the Science Behind It?

Acupuncture is not a new technique, but the roots of this treatment fall back to China around 100BC. This is a traditional Chinese concept that involves qi, which is the life force energy. Also, it includes a path from where the qi flows. You can refer to this path as meridians. Even though scientific principles …

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Do Genetics Play a Role in Chronic Pain

Despite how much distress it may cause, pain is essential and necessary for the human body. Throughout evolution, the pain sensation has played an important role, fleeing early humans away from danger. Most of the time, the feeling of pain is nothing more than your body’s way of telling you that something is not right. …

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What is Kinesiology Taping?

Have you ever suffered from an illness and injury that hinders your normal and functional mobility?  If yes, you should consult a skilled physical therapist to treat you and help you retain your average mobility level. A physical therapist uses different modalities and exercises to treat specific problems.  In this regard, kinesiology taping (KT) is …

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