What’s inside: MoMed Neuro warming lotion

Want to know a fun fact about Capsaicin? One animal that is immune to capsaicin is birds. Birds eat and spread the seeds. The heat doesn’t bother them!


MSM, also know as Methylsulfonylmethane, is a chemical compound that is found naturally in green plants and also in common food and beverages. MSM can be used topically and also ingested. It has been found to offer anti-inflammatory effects for joint and muscle pain. It has bee found to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress after intense exercise, thus speeding muscle recovery.


Arnica is a perennial flower, that blooms in a sunflower or star formation. It consists of bright yellow leaves and grows about 2 feet tall. Arnica has been traced back to the 16th century as a popular German folk. It was used for injuries, inflammation, and lesions. Today, Arnica is a fan favorite and is commonly used for various ailments. Research shows it is effective in treating pain and inflammation post-surgery.

Electric Daisy

Electric Daisy,  (Acemella oleracea ) has been given the nickname the “toothache plant,” due to its history of use in treating oral ailments over generations. Acting as a anesthetic, Electric Daisy could be considered natures lidocaine. Researchers have found that the plant is helpful in treating pain, inflammation, and it also acts as a anti-oxidant.

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